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CX2: Content of reference duplicated : 1 with template, 1 with code
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It seems CX2 is creating errors in references used several times in the same article. See for example 820 Olive on frWP, where the reference LAOCDB is used twice :

  • First one is correct : <ref name="LAOCDB">{{Lien web |...}}</ref>
  • Second one is incorrect : <ref name="LAOCDB">{{Lien web |...}}<cite class="citation web cs1" data-ve-ignore="true" id="CITEREFKim2016">Kim, Chad (13 January 2016). [ "825 Hill: Planned 49 Story Tower from Onni Group Obtains Grading and Shoring Permits"]. ''''. </cite></ref>

In the second one (which should only be <ref name="LAOCDB"/> to reuse the first one), the content seems to be expanded and the result of the expansion is added to the reference. This of course create problems with the articles, and a big error in bold red in the references at the bottom of the page.

This doesn't seem to be a single case, you have several example in the dump analysis for frWP.