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Create Symfony skeleton for quick creation of new Toolforge tools
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Let's make it possible to create a new Symfony Toolforge app with something like:

composer create-project wikimedia/toolforge-skeleton ./my-cool-tool
cd my-cool-tool
symfony server:start -d

At which point a functioning tool will be available at http://localhost:8000 with i18n, OAuth log in, Wikimedia UI colors, access to the DB replicas, and some documentation about the next steps to take.

Some parts of this (in no particular order):

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As part of this, it'd be good to be able to use the common i18n messages that are included in the bundle (I think we always meant to be able to do this, but it's never actually been functional, and there's only one message there at the moment). Here's a patch:

I've started work on the skeleton at (will move it to the commtech repo after T304580).

Samwilson renamed this task from Create skeleton for new projects to Create Symfony skeleton for quick creation of new Toolforge tools.Apr 13 2022, 4:55 AM

I've set up the package on Packagist, and enabled auto-updating from Gitlab. I tagged 0.1.0 just now, and it successfully pushed to Packagist.