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Configure which sections of the sidebar navigation menu are expanded/collapsed by default
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Currently all but the first are hidden by default. It would be nice to be configure some of them to be shown by default instead.

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Neoshinji wrote:

By default the first section of the sidebar menu on Vector Skin (usability
initiative) is expanded, and when the user open/close the other ones the values
are saved on a cookie. It would be very interesting to choose which sections
are expanded/collapsed by default as administrators.

As sysops could control which sections are more important to be viewed.

As an example;
If none cookie was found, sidebar is setup to load sysop values.
If a cookie was found, sidebar is setup to load user values.

This propose it is a little different from
[ 23869]

Moved to the Extensions-section under "Vector". The collapsiblenav-stuff is part of the Vector-extension (which has emerged from the usability initiative)

Best way to do this is probably by setting a flag on the section in MediaWiki:Sidebar to indicate it should not be collapsed by default.

User settings will, as always, override the default settings.

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maddiemadan wrote:

The bug is still reproducible with Ubuntu 13.04 on Chromium 28.0.1500

Bartosz: should this bug still be filed under MediaWiki extensions --> Vector?

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I re-open that task because I need to configure the collapsed/expanded status of custom sidebar menus... and I don't see how to do that even by reading bug #39035 details.

Nemo_bis changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Feb 15 2015, 2:36 PM

Not particularly useful to reopen, this is invalid until T69954 is fixed. I marked it as blocked, but it's probably more useful to dupe instead, and add this requirement to the description of T69954.