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Finalize ULS integration with the language button
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This depends on the approach that will be used in T260738: Language button v1 - allow language button to appear at top of page (plus JS fallback) . Right now, the only issue that needs to be resolved is the placement of the cog when using $wgULSPosition is set to its default (not interlanguage).
As it stands, it is currently positioned to the right of the button, squished in between the edit button and the language button.

Potential follow-ups that might not be connected to ULS/this task:

  • Vector uses a XX languages label, based on the number of available languages. Oasis just shows the name of the current language (like ULS does when in the personal tools). The current label might not be sufficiently clear.
    • This label is provided through SkinMustache. It is the text of the sidebar portal header.

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Change 666172 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mainframe98; owner: Mainframe98):
[mediawiki/skins/Mirage@master] Make ULS show its settings in the languages dropdown

Change 666172 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/skins/Mirage@master] Make ULS show its settings in the languages dropdown

From I7dcd49f05fae83fbc0c15768bee8ca93eab17bcc:

Vector turns off the cog, by renaming the ID to p-lang-btn (not p-lang) - it doesn't hide it.

We're currently trying to work out a better long term plan for the cog, but that's blocked on doing some data analysis on usage and design around how a single button might serve both use cases.

I think it would be acceptable to add a follow up which uses this newly introduced value to disable the cog as well, but for now given it can be worked around, it's not a priority while we work out the finer details. There's some discussion on T273144#6805993 that might be useful.

Mirage currently hides the cog manually in resources/skinStyles/ext.uls.interface.less.