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Links on float-elements are not clickable when horizontally aligned with a syntaxhighlight tag
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This is a CSS issue, observed on Firefox 84 and Chromium 87, occuring when a <syntaxhighlight> tag is used and when there are some <div style="float:right"> containing links and these links are horizontally aligned with the <syntaxhighlight> tag: the link is not clickable.

My description is perhaps a bit abstract, so take and try to click on links in the infobox horizontally aligned with the PHP code snippets: you should not able to click (or this issue depends on the browser). With the screenshot below, I cannot click on “License” but I am able to click on “Download extension”.

Capture d’écran du 2021-02-05 19-12-39.png (105×1 px, 31 KB)

There is no issue when the <syntaxhighlight> tag is replaced by wikitext-native syntax for code (with a space as first character), see the screenshot below (created with Special:ExpandTemplates with the wikitext “{{Extension:ParserFunctions}}” and replacing the <syntaxhighlight> tag by an initial space) (NB: the screenshot shows a normal cursor but it was really a “hand” cursor with the tooltip below)

Capture d’écran du 2021-02-05 19-22-34.png (107×1 px, 35 KB)

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Seb35 triaged this task as Medium priority.Feb 5 2021, 6:27 PM

I set the medium priority because it prevents to click on quite some links on’s extensions pages, but feel free to change as appropriate.

This has been already fixed last week, but the deployment was broken (T271343), so the change is not yet deployed on Wikimedia wikis.

Thanks, I searched only in open tasks :-|