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In VisualEditor, if you click on the end of a link that is on the end, you can't write behind it, you can only edit the link
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Good evening. I found some bug appearing on cswiki, enwiki, hrwiki and possibly every wiki. In VisualEditor, if I add a link without adding punctation (like dots and commas) and click on the link to the right side to write, you can't write without editing that link. I have recorded a video showing the problem (don't worry, it's safe) -

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@Aklapper I also need to say this problem makes editing in VisualEditor much more difficult.

@Moson81: Hi, okay, but why do you mention me explicitly here? :)

As far as I know this is intentional behavior as you may want to have a different link text than the title of the link itself.
You can write behind it - see for docs how you can leave the link "field".

@Moson81 Are you able to type outside of the link if you move the cursor outside of it using arrow keys?

I could not reproduce this issue. What browser are you using?

The issue with references shown near the end of the video is probably separate, and already reported as T272207.

@matmarex If I click behind the link, it continues editing the link. This hasn't been happening before yesterday, if I clicked behind the link, it stopped being edited and I could write outside of it. So the problem started yesterday (7 February 2021) and it still lasts. Only if I use arrow keys, I'm able to write outside the link. I'm using Google Chrome.

Hmmm I'm not seeing this as a regression — I get the same behaviour going right back to 2016. Investigating further.