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Write style guide for function inline commenting
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Assigning to Zak (hope he doesn't mind).

Some places we're using

  • @param $action \type{\string}

others it's

  • @param $action string

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I thought the [[mw:Manual:Coding_conventions]] already covered Doxygen syntax? If not, that'd be where it should go :)

Yeah, it's there, but it should be more verbose, list some common types, etc

zak wrote:

Thanks! I've got this in my todo list now.

zak wrote:

I there any reason that we shouldn't drop PHPDoc compatibility?

  • We generate the docs (which means that most people don't need to generate docs)
  • The devs that do want to generate docs will usually use mwdocgen.php
  • The devs that don't want to use mwdocgen.php or doxygen will have to put in an extra step of converting from Doxygen syntax to whatever syntax they want to use

Assignee: Zak -> Default (Wikibugs-l)

[[mw:Manual:Coding_conventions/PHP#Comments_and_documentation]] seems to be pretty clear about this today. Closing.