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Story idea for Blog: New search features for Wikipedia on Android
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In a recent project, the Android app team decided to improve one of their core experiences: searching for articles on Wikipedia. Our goal was to make the discovery process for users more intelligent, personalized and efficient to present the right result at the right time.

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Design, Technology

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The post is going to be originally published on in the week of Feb 8 (this week) or 15, then, it’s going to be published it on Wikimedia Design on Medium and

Yes, it has been created already:

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Thanks for creating this task! As discussed, I'll prep this for publication on the tech blog. We'll just need to decide on the date for publication!

@schoenbaechler This has been published!

Let me know if there are any errors or updates I should make. Also, have you tweeted this out? If so, I can promote it by retweeting it.