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Experimental mocks of notification center messages
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Design doc


Priority level 1 notification types

We will start with a set of nine notification types to design and build. These notification types were selected based on their usage level and potential impact:

  • Thanks
  • Talk page messages: New message
  • Talk page messages: Reply
  • Talk page messages: Multiple messages
  • Edit reverts
  • Mentions (of user)
  • Mentions in edit summary
  • LoginNotify
  • Login from an unfamiliar device

Proposed experimental designs

Figma File


Talk notifications
Lock screenNew message on your talk pageReplyBundled messages
Lock screenArticleTalk
Edit reverted
Lock screenWith edit summaryWithout edit summary
Lock screenTalk with sectionTalk without sectionEdit summary
Login Notify
Lock screenMultiple failed attemptsSuccessful login from new device

Notification center

Notification center: Inbox views
Notification centerNotification center, filter appliedEdit modeEdit mode: all selectedEmpty state
Notification center: panels
Filter panel openProject panel open
Notification center: swipe actions
Swipe on unread messageSwipe on read messageMore panel

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