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Experimental mocks of notification center messages
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Design doc


Priority level 1 notification types

We will start with a set of nine notification types to design and build. These notification types were selected based on their usage level and potential impact:

  • Thanks
  • Talk page messages: New message
  • Talk page messages: Reply
  • Talk page messages: Multiple messages
  • Edit reverts
  • Mentions (of user)
  • Mentions in edit summary
  • LoginNotify
  • Login from an unfamiliar device

Proposed experimental designs

Figma File


Talk notifications
Lock screenNew message on your talk pageReplyBundled messages
Lock screen notifications_ talk messages.png (812×375 px, 324 KB)
Long press_ New talk page message.png (812×375 px, 196 KB)
Long press_ New Reply to your message.png (812×375 px, 197 KB)
Long press_ Multiple messages.png (812×375 px, 224 KB)
Lock screenArticleTalk
Lock screen notifications_ Thanks.png (812×375 px, 367 KB)
Long press_ Thank - Article edit with edit summary.png (812×375 px, 183 KB)
Long press_ Thank - Talk page (no edit summary).png (812×375 px, 212 KB)
Edit reverted
Lock screenWith edit summaryWithout edit summary
Lock screen notifications_ Edit reverted.png (812×375 px, 379 KB)
Long press_ Edit reverted.png (812×375 px, 180 KB)
Long press_ Edit reverted - No edit summary.png (812×375 px, 198 KB)
Lock screenTalk with sectionTalk without sectionEdit summary
Lock screen notifications_ Mentions.png (812×375 px, 352 KB)
Long press_ Mention - Talk.png (812×375 px, 211 KB)
Long press_ Mention - Talk with section.png (812×375 px, 208 KB)
Long press_ Mention in Edit Summary.png (812×375 px, 176 KB)
Login Notify
Lock screenMultiple failed attemptsSuccessful login from new device
Lock screen notifications_ Login states.png (812×375 px, 365 KB)
Long press_ Multiple failed logins.png (812×375 px, 215 KB)
Long press_ New Device login.png (812×375 px, 214 KB)

Notification center

Notification center: Inbox views
Notification centerNotification center, filter appliedEdit modeEdit mode: all selectedEmpty state
Notification center - No filters applied.png (812×375 px, 50 KB)
Notification center - No filters applied-1.png (812×375 px, 48 KB)
Notification center - Edit mode.png (812×375 px, 48 KB)
Notification center - Edit mode-1.png (812×375 px, 48 KB)
Notification center - Filtered to unread.png (812×375 px, 22 KB)
Notification center: panels
Filter panel openProject panel open
Notification center - All selected.png (812×375 px, 30 KB)
Notification center - v1 - Projects.png (812×375 px, 25 KB)
Notification center: swipe actions
Swipe on unread messageSwipe on read messageMore panel
Notification center - Swipe action - on unread.png (812×375 px, 46 KB)
Notification center - Swipe action - on read.png (812×375 px, 47 KB)
Notification center - Swipe action - More panel.png (812×375 px, 39 KB)

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