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Support notifications on the iOS app
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Design document

Notifications on the iOS app


We will now be able to support all Echo notifications and alerts in the iOS app. This update will make it easier for editors who use iOS devices to be notified about new messages and alerts that they have, without having to voluntarily open the app or website to check. As we prepare to support these notifications we want to ensure that the usability of notifications is clear and doesn’t disrupt editors existing flows. Simultaneously, we will design and build with consistency with iOS system elements in mind to ensure that the feature feels at home on its platform.

Feature job story

As a Wikipedia editor with an iOS device, I want to be able to know when I have a new Echo notification without having to check Wikipedia myself, so that I can take timely action on my notifications.

Anatomy of a notification

System level

  • Lock screen: Appears on the lock screen of the device. Supports tap through and detail view.
  • Banner: Appears at the top of the screen for a few seconds while the device is in use, then disappears. Supports tap through and detail view.
  • System notification center: Notifications that are not acted on (dismissed or tap through) are
  • Badging: Appears on app icon.

In-app level

  • Notification center: A space within the app where unread and archived notifications and alerts are available to logged-in users.
  • Notification message: String and links sent from the server to the app, which is shown in system level notifications and in the app-level notification center.
  • Notification message primary link: Primary action associated with the notification, tapping on a notification in the in-app notification center will push to this page.
  • Notification message secondary links: 2-3 secondary links, accessible through the in-app notification center or through the system notification detail view.
Proposed general notification flow

View flow on Miro

Types of Echo notifications and alerts

Over 20 different notification and alert types are seen on Wikipedia. An overview of each type can be found on MediaWiki: Help:Notifications/Types - MediaWiki.

A proposed mapping of each notification is in progress here: Echo Notification Mapping on iOS.

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