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New WS export does not export license templates
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Ok, Samwilson pointed out this is an en-WS side problem:

I'll leave this ticket in case it's useful; feel free to close and kick back to the en-WS community.

I think it'd be great if we could figure out a way to add the correct license metadata to EPUBs, and perhaps to the About page that's appended to every book.

At the moment we (often incorrectly) add the following to every book:

<dc:rights xml:lang="en">Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0</dc:rights>
<link rel="cc:license" href="" />
<dc:rights xml:lang="en">GNU Free Documentation License</dc:rights>
<link rel="cc:license" href="" />

Although, not many ebook readers display that metadata.

IMO, it would make sense to add two things:

First, a machine readable (i.e. DC or similar) license string that can be set via the microformat.

Second, the human-readable license (as seen at, say, in a separate section at the end. My proposal at the enWS Scriptorium was to denote that with ws-license or similar, and have the export put it in a separate section at the end (much like the "About" page).

Implementation detail: it should handle multiple instances in case a work is dual licensed somehow, and it should handle nested license containers, because we have such a thing for translations.

Samwilson claimed this task.

This issue is resolved now I think.

The further work of fixing the metadata is in: T277435: Include copyright metadata based on Wikidata P6216