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Allow `push-notifications` service to accept production environment flag for APNS requests
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Currently, it appears the Push Notifications service deployed at (using the endpoint /v1/message/apns) is configured to work with the sandbox APNS environment only. As per the APNS README here, it appears that the production config flag is probably unset or set to false.

Because of this, we (the iOS team) are currently able to use this service to send test notifications to our development (sandbox) client apps and devices, but are not able to send notifications to any of our production (TestFlight, App Store) client apps and devices.

Ideally for the iOS team, we'd love to be able to use this service to easily send a request that includes which APNS environment we're intending the notification to be delivered to. Instead of running a separate instance of the entire service just to change that production flag, it may be desirable to alter this existing service to support that. In fact, if this current deployment is intended to serve production use, it'd have to be updated anyway to support pushing to the production APNS environment.

Conceptually, us sending something like this where we can specify whether it's a production request or not would be ideal:

  "deviceTokens": [
  "messageType": "checkEchoV1",
  "topic": "",
  "dryRun": false,
  "production": true

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