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[DO NOT USE] RTL/bidirectional issues (tracking) [superseded by #RTL]
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This tracking task has been superseded by the project RTL as requested in T78670: convert the RTL blocking bug T2745 into a tag. Please use / watch the project RTL instead of this task."

Author: tom

Tracking bug for any RTL/bidirectional text issues.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Please note that this tracking task will very soon be converted into a Phabricator project, as proposed in T78670: convert the RTL blocking bug T2745 into a tag.

Please note that this tracking task will very soon be converted into a Phabricator project, as proposed in T78670: convert the RTL blocking bug T2745 into a tag.

This would be great! Thank you.

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This tracking task has been superseded by the project RTL as requested in T78670: convert the RTL blocking bug T2745 into a tag.
Please use / watch the project RTL instead of this task.

Liuxinyu970226 renamed this task from RTL/bidirectional issues (tracking) to [DO NOT USE, use #RTL instead] RTL/bidirectional issues (tracking).Feb 5 2017, 2:28 AM
Liuxinyu970226 renamed this task from [DO NOT USE, use #RTL instead] RTL/bidirectional issues (tracking) to [DO NOT USE] RTL/bidirectional issues (tracking) [superseded by #RTL].
Phabricator_maintenance removed subtasks: T100699: RTL text in static images generated by Graph is reversed, T100568: flow-board-header-title is misaligned in RTL wikis, T99779: the arrow of the callout bubble near the "Recently active topics" control on a Flow page points the wrong way in RTL wikis, T99362: Special:Gather card title and excerpt are forced to ltr in rtl wikis, T98239: SecurePoll shows the voting table in RTL on an LTR-content wiki, T96497: in Special:Gather the content is shown in the UI language, T95885: shared-image-desc must have lang and dir attributes that match the wiki that hosts the shared image, T94544: some Flow icons need flipping for RTL wikis, T94541: Echo icons for thanks and talk page messages should point to the text, T94403: literal timestamp posts edited by other people is jumbled in mixed ltr-rtl environment, T90612: Global user pages must have the direction of the global wiki, T93497: U10. Flow's TOC on RTL wikis aren't spaced for sidebar, T93484: numbers of bytes added and removed in changes lists can be jumbled in mixed rtl/ltr environments especially in Flow, T93336: Flow changes in Watchlist show broken usernames in RTL, T40109: "(undo)" link missing from history in Chrome for edits containing a summary, T90378: Flow's small top of the page topic indicator overlaps the side bar in narrow windows on RTL wikis, T88936: Education Dashboard I18n: Support RTL locales that include a country tag, T88672: [Unplanned] ApiSandbox needs better RTL adaptation now that apihelp is being translated, T86979: jquery dialog with auto size takes 50% screen width in RTL language wikis, T86731: "Redirect" background image should be positioned on "right bottom" for RTL wikis, T78330: [unplanned] Notifications box is not well located in RTL wikis, T85129: [unplanned] In Special:ContentTranslation's Source and Target Language Selector Buttons, Drop-Downs Are Broken in RTL UI, T85128: [unplanned] In Special:ContentTranslation, Bad Positioning of the Source and Target Language Selector Occurs in RTL UI, T77975: Bi-directional text not displayed correctly in Special:log - brackets are incorrect, T73805: Credits section in PDF contains bogus {{int:Coll-attribution-page, T73804: dir attribution on <references/> is ignored., T73802: Use XB Zar (X Series 2) font for Farsi, T71745: ULS: switching to LTR causes LTR languages to temporarily appear in RTL, T75317: ota language displays as ltr on Wikidata, T71465: editing area on MobileFrontend must be set to the language and the direction of the page's content, T74884: Table of contents doesn't account for HTML <bdi> tags, T68091: ResourceLoaderLESSFunctions::embed does not support CSSJanus flipping for RTL, affecting .background-image-svg() and others, T71141: images are aligned incorrectly in MobileFrontend in RTL, T66258: suboptimal placement of "More details" tipsy tooltip, T74608: iOS app: contributors and libraries lists in the credits screen must be forced to LTR direction, T70990: the number in mobile talk icon is misplaced in rtl, T66190: format of course term in URL isn't appropriate for RTL languages, T72718: Broken parentheses in Special:Sitematrix when language lacks translation and has opposite direction, T64351: MobileFrontend doesn't correctly handle LTR content in RTL contexts, T64349: Images in rtl (hebrew .. .etc) should be aligned to the left, T65882: [upstream] arrows in MathJax menus point the wrong way in RTL, T72491: iOS app table of contents icon is wrong in RTL interfaces, T72489: In RTL wikis Flow topic titles have wrong right margin, T67476: CPB: user name is incorrectly aligned in RTL wikis in Firefox, T67471: Echo popup goes off-screen with CPB in RTL wikis, T60685: The message about a deleted JavaScript page is shown as LTR in an RTL wiki, T72389: thread are wrongly aligned on RTL, T68955: when translating from an LTR language to an RTL language, image captions are copied to translation column as LTR, T62233: Headings in json-schema-code-samples have content language direction instead of user language, T67288: The notifications icon in the CPB is misplaced in RTL wikis, T63867: content is left aligned in rtl wikis, T58906: BetaFeatures: Icons on RTL UI are not aligned correctly, T68771: mobile table of contents icon needs to be flipped for RTL, T68773: Arrow with mw-icon-arrow-collapsed points the wrong way in RTL wikis, T58782: Chrome: In edit view, RTL wikis have bug with tab and brackets, T55361: clever support for direction in CodeEditor, T61760: Education program in RTL shows the users articles in first column, T66857: the background icon of the talk box on Special:UserProfile is misaligned in RTL wikis, T66789: Compact personal bar should have RTL version of icons, T55102: Flipped "Go back" text on RTL interfaces, T55103: Mobile "Upload" button needs RTL adjustment, T68348: Some of the hebrew characters are not in proper order, T58358: plain text email notification includes HTML footer, T63260: Headings left aligned in Hebrew, T64981: Compact-interlanguage link doesn't show up correctly for RTL languages, T63258: UI language code and direction are applied to content in MobileFrontend, T64970: Hovercards: cards display incorrectly for RTL languages, T59789: "/" string suffix shown at the end in a style="text-align:left" section on RTL wiki, T59780: items in the Flow action menu have their background icon misaligned in RTL, T63134: Beta Features: The blue geonotahack icon appears in the wrong place in RTL wikis, T54619: MathJax mode does not respect content direction (aka "rtl"), T59404: the "continue" arrow in the MobileFrontend edit/preview workflow points to the wrong side in RTL, T56310: RTL language characters are displayed in LTR order in LTR languages (and vice versa), T56276: RTL for Notification Tool: ? should be ؟ icon, T47941: Punctuation incorrectly placed for English text in banners on right-to-left written wikis, T47932: wrong display of bracket ")" in RTL languages, T56252: some Echo images need to be reversed for RTL languages, T56249: the HTML e-mail message is not adapted for RTL languages, T60955: lang and dir attributes are not applied to mw-content-text on redirects, T44366: Change the float of #p-personal list items to follow directionality of the page in Vector skin, T51093: Page title appears inside <span dir="auto">. it shouldn't (at least in RTL wikis), T44337: [Regression] Links to userpage and usertalk are in the wrong order in RTL language, T51073: In RTL, checkmark for selected input method overlaps text in ime menu, T45951: ULS search autocomplete doesn't handle RTL well: doesn't adapt direction, autocomplete text overlaps regular text, T49257: [TUX] RTL proofread action icons are needed, T47585: Keyboard Icon of Language selector for RTL languages should be at left, T54154: Monobook: ULS form (opened by keyboard icon) out of screen if content language = LTR and UI language = RTL, T44019: Find common range box must always flow left-to-right, T54110: Directionality of the CAPTCHA textbox must always be LTR, T42372: the iframe with the Creative Commons license shows partial translations, T52298: On [[Special:FundraiserLandingPage]], when the currency is Egyptian pound, the donation amounts are reversed, T50716: on RTL languages the settings menu overlap in RTL locale, T50629: Non-printable characters on enhanced recent changes account creation logs before semi-colons, T45678: Commons main_page for RTL languages, T45648: Install package fonts-farsiweb on image scalers, T45640: SVG to PNG: font rendering problem in Persian, T45588: Wrong placing of closing brackets in English language name tooltips for LTR languages, T40677: Arrows on the challenge selection buttons point the wrong way in RTL environment, T48864: on he.wikivoyage TOC are on the left instead of right as you would expect in RTL wiki, T47142: [Opera] ULS text winds up on top of the icon in RTL languages, T48778: IME layout name is incorrectly aligned in RTL, T40491: RTL issues with forms, T55502: EasyTimeline svg2png method has a clickable map with wrong coordinates., T55488: Article Feedback Tool v5 (AFTv5) adds some unneeded ZWNJ to labels, T40351: Default alignment of images does not respect the page title language and uses the content language alignment, T38803: properly display characters with directionality neutral if uselang=foobar is using the opposite directionality, T40294: jquery.articleFeedbackv5.special styles loaded incorrectly in RTL languages, T38804: migrate MedaWiki from using BiDirectional characters by properly embedding any item using directionality syntax, T40289: Page width awkwardness in translation mode for RTL languages, T38795: Collapsible arrows on Special:CentralNoticeLogs point to the wrong direction with RTL interface language, T38790: in DatabaseError.php, SQL errors, function names etc. should be explicitly LTR, T38791: Date selector on SpecialCentralNotice should use the jquery.ui.datepicker module, T41694: A lot of the styling disappears when Special:ArticleFeedbackv5 is shown in an RLT language, T46839: CSS bugs on Wikipedia with RTL languages (bottom .guider ruleset missing), T46804: Automatically flip guider positions for RTL wikis, T35126: VisualEditor: Support for right-to-left (rtl) / bidirectional content (tracking), T48463: Edit preview renders in wrong directionality, T45110: Support RTL languages/wikis in Huggle, T38637: WikiData RTL / BiDi tracker bug, T36723: When editing a script page on a RTL wiki the textbox should be LTR, T36679: Script rendering error when reverting username with Arabic scripts, T33243: DoubleWiki view has bug in RTL wikis direction, T33236: "Next" and "Previous" buttons are shown incorrectly in an RTL environment, T41369: 'scribunto-console-intro' is not parsed, T41364: Scribunto code editor must always be LTR, T48215: "All notifications" and "Preferences" links need RTL tweaks, T41351: create a Hebrew Wikidata client test wiki, T36587: Vector: Collapsible tabs first start from the wrong side in RTL, T38340: Please preserve paragraph directionality in diff, T38335: MediaWiki:Titleblacklist in rtl wikis should be ltr, T38327: the star marker overlaps with the word "FEATURED" in an RTL environment, T38325: Direction (ltr/rtl) of feedback comments may be different from the direction of the interface language, T38324: thumbs near the words "Yes" and "No" are on the same side of the words in LTR and RTL, T41288: No RTL Styling support in the WLM app, T36514: The language and the direction of the title in first heading should depend on page content language instead of user interface language, T46455: ULS places map sections backward in RTL languages, T41233: direction of justtranslated is not set according to the language, T36470: margin for edit section button on RTL wikis with LTR user interface is on the wrong side, T31341: The new mobile prototype shows the RTL wiki as LTR, T31263: Add LTR class to the shared CSS to be used for left-to-right text such as SQL queries shown in dberrortext and similar messages in RTL environments, T38032: The reference number should be bidi-isolated, T32804: RTL display is broken with ?debug=true, T34403: RTL title ending in a neutral-direction character displays incorrectly when viewing in an LTR language, T32770: "Timeline error" - improved wording and directionality [PATCH], T29591: CentralNotice is oriented LTR on RTL wikis, T44471: Video controls are broken in an RTL interface language, T36166: RTL bugs in the Wikimedia Mobile Android app (tracking), T37911: direction in MobileFrontend is always based on the wiki's content language, T32679: some installer fields should always be LTR, T29490: [regression] RTL ui in LTR wiki is LTR aligned, T29485: block log entry duration message is broken in RTL wikis, T37877: The arrow near "Respond to this" in the MoodBar dashboard points the wrong way in RTL environment, T32630: Math expressions in RTL wikis should have LTR alignment, T31002: Resizing WikiEditor dialogs works wrong when using an RTL language, T29450: Directionality of video subtitles should match the directionality of the subtitle language, T30970: there's no clean way to indicate the directionality of the content of the page, T37812: The tip of the MoodBar bubble points to the left in RTL environments, T37813: The arrow near "What is this?" in the MoodBar bubble points the wrong way in RTL environment., T29363: Mobile RTL Wikipedias' main pages are displayed as LTR, T30902: date in Upload Wizard form overlaps with the calendar icon in an RTL language, T29330: revreview-editnotice is aligned LTR in he.wikisource, T29332: magnifying glass icon at the wrong end of the search box in RTL wikis, T39246: RTL / BiDi issues in Semantic MediaWiki and related extensions (tracking), T27615: WikiBhasha localization for Right-to-Left languages is not complete., T29249: "Installed software" table in Special:Version should always be left-to-right, T39164: talk page message's directionality is based on the target wiki content language, T30716: in the Insert link dialog, "Cancel" is on the left, T30708: BiDi: LTR and RTL mixed up (tracking), T39051: "Filter list" label and menu are broken in RTL, T29022: use correct directionality in lists of messages., T39018: the inputbox always has the directionality of the content language, T30554: "Bulleted list", "Numbered list" and "Indentation" buttons in the editing toolbar must be reversed in RTL wikis, T35699: directionality of the offline error page is not set in RTL, T27277: invisible directional character on File page pollutes pasted filenames, T23778: BiDi issue in RTL wikis at site notice with LTR text ending with Unicode characters with neutral directional, T32182: Untranslated gadget descriptions have incorrect directionality in RTL user languages, T33817: The <bdi> tag is sanitized, T38941: The arrow near "Your ratings have not been submitted yet" points the wrong way in RTL, T37410: RTL mix is strange, T38918: The arrow on the "Edit this page" button points the wrong way in RTL environments, T30438: in IE9 p-personal links are shown vertically in RTL wikis with Vector, T30430: math must always be left-to-right, even when rendered as HTML, T33738: Templates should have 'meta icons' to fix text direction issues, T35538: Line numbers are outside of left border when using <source ... line start= > on RTL wikis, T28742: RTL rules in JUI Datepicker CSS not guarded against Janus, T27061: Table of contents problem on right to left languages, T28723: RTL languages break the alignment in "Download text", T28589: searchbox broken on IE6 for, T26901: editsection and floating issue with vector skin at ckb.wikipedia, T30174: "top left corner" in message may be wrong in RTL wikis., T37167: <span dir="ltr"> in headings is ignored when the heading is shown in table of contents, T22044: Misaligned text on file pages (RTL wikis only), T37085: Left-to-right usernames with punctuation displayed incorrectly on right-to-left wikis, T28414: The revision tag pops up a window in the wrong direction in an RTL environment, T37059: Dialog has no style applied and therefore is transparent (jQuery.UI) for RTL languages and monobook, T26692: Upload wizard: RTL support is incomplete, T23191: main page's page history showing misrendered parens, T31658: CodeReview has no right-to-left support, T23048: BiDirectional editing - provide a tool to resolve also nested BiDi blocks, T28208: Mark directionality of interlanguage links, T18502: External link icons are not displayed for RTL in Monobook, T28148: Redirect button in the Vector skin must be mirrored in an RTL environment, T22934: LiquidThreads has no support for RTL, T14846: IE rtl.css issue in RTL wikis special:Preferences when selecting an LTR user language, T14850: history not clickable if in an rtl environment the chosen language is ltr, T14682: check box issue at RTL wikis in Opera, T18160: Suggestions box should be resized from left for RTL wikis, T26204: Problem with external link arrow in rtl languages, T26206: "Login error" message is not aligned correctly in RTL wikis with Vector, T14475: BiDi issue with rendering of « non textual entities » : Firefox and Opera fail but Konqueror does not, T14409: unclickable links at a BiDi page when looking at « action=history » with Firefox, T27839: Block end timestamp should use the right direction in logs, T26112: button text pushed to right side of page on RTL toolbar, T26088: Change rtl buttons in rtl languages, T17831: Modern skin RTL support is bugous, T17799: Using $wgConf to set the LanguageCode doesn't take care of directionality, T14243: « main.css » ( and « rtl.css » ) should use the directionality « inherit? » for « non-textual entities », T14242: « action=render » does not preserve the directionality of pages, T11004: Long edit summary overlaps with sidebar for RTL, T22360: Unicode directionality marker causes parentheses error in edit summary, T22344: when printing, monobook does not include rtl.css corrections., T7337: Relativity of left and right =/= {{BEFORE}} and {{AFTER}} - code portability, T5621: BiDi: evaluate LRM, RLM, LRE, RLE, LRO, RLE (PDF?) followed by "*", "#", ":", ";" same as "*", "#", ":", ";" at the begining of lines, T7087: Firefox misaligns namespace checkboxes in preferences for RTL, T15466: Design of diffs should be improved to indicate white space changes better, T15447: Tabs collapsed on LTR wikis for RTL users, T6953: Toolbox and other additional navigation identations differs from Navigation identation at RTL wikies, T6824: IE7 compatibility and CSS quirks (IE7 beta is now publicly available), T5016: Editing RTL article confuses RC, T5004: arabic script error in mozilla, T6604: Wrong direction in editing/showing fractions (math) including Persian digits in Internet Explorer, T15285: Background incorrectly extended in IE7 in arwiki's monobook skin, T10002: Math rendering poor in RTL, T3323: Logo in IE with RTL renders half off screen, T3321: RTL monobook tabs jump on hover in IE6, T6534: Links overlap at Gujarati wiki projects: gu.wikipedia gu.wiktionary gu.wikibooks if page contains RTL characters, T11724: Arabic User Name GUI Error, T15229: Links unclickable in rtl wikis when using simple skin under Firefox, T4801: example of discrepancy between preview and purge in a BiDi (RTL LTR) environment, T4797: [[MediaWiki:Mainpage]] and the other navigation utilities should allow pipes, &nbsp; <span dir="foo" >, T4773: The print mode of page is not shown as RTL on RTL wikis., T3061: CSS-added icons next to links display through the text and makes it unreadable in RTL, T6357: facilitate syntax for BiDi editing (tracking), T4752: Not able to save an edit, T6332: RTL characters disappear in the Search edit box at Special:Search, T6330: Urls should always be embeded in LTR, T6267: Change several languages to right-to-left, T6236: BiDi support for the personal toolbar, T2810: Headings resitant to font changes on RTL pages, T6223: BiDi: Firefox: "Move page:" and "To new title:" show different titles, T6224: BiDi: strange results when using "copy and paste" in (Windows XP SP 2 and) Firefox, T4545: Things are left to the TOC in RTL wikis, T18771: BiDi interfearence between subcategory names, paranthesises and counters, T6149: BiDi: [[Image:foo|frame]] overwrites following text in Mozilla Firefox and Netscape, T2725: LTR doesn't work on Hebrew pages, T6124: BiDi: Mozilla Firefox and Netscape can not preserve original tab order if LTR / RTL properties of content language and selected user interface differ, T6126: BiDi feature request: please create a variable {{CONTENTDIR}}, T6102: BiDi: Mozilla Firefox and Netscape can not display enough space between tabs if LTR / RTL properties of content language and selected user interface differ, T6114: RTL related issue with Mozilla Firefox and Netscape: text and checkboxes get squeezed; implement workaround, T4405: in an RTL wiki TOC seems to be generated always RTL, T4399: Unicode normalization "sorts" Hebrew/Arabic/Myanmar vowels wrongly, T4395: rendering problems with images in a RTL environment, T11468: Right-to-left rendering on a left-to-right wiki screws up watchlist formatting, T6039: BiDI: please preserve dir="ltr" and dir="rtl" in TOC, T6040: general solution to handle overlapping links, reordering of fields on pages caused due to BiDi environments, T4371: external links at yi.wikipedia are *always* class="plainlinks", T4383: uncertain about ambiguosity in mixed LTR and RTL environment, T6066: BiDi: general request for special pages: special pages should display LTR / RTL according to user interface not according to content language (tracking), T6062: Safari doesn't deal well with recent change to catlinks listing for bi-di characters, T6030: EasyTimeline reversed text in RTL languages, T6016: BiDi: cosmetics about rendering for InterWiki links - fixes to targets which do not match the content language orientation, T4342: w:he:(aleph) is a valid interwiki link at en: but not at other wiki's, T7808: Numbers from numbered lists overlap area, T2524: Print stylesheet forces left alignment on RTL languages, T4324: image for redirects should be without text and orientened according to content language, T4349: avoid overlapping links in mixed RTL and LTR context using tables, T6011: Allow users to change text direction in all text input and textarea boxes, T5978: impossible to resize textbox / inputbox at special:Emailuser when using Internet Explorer at RTL wiki's, T5977: checkboxes do not show properly with Internet Explorer at RTL wiki's, T5953: BiDi issues related to the "In other language" section should be fixed in Names.php, T5954: BiDi: minimize the mess in MediaWiki messages caused by BiDi-characters when using a RTL user interface at a LTR wiki and viceversa, T7724: Add direction marks to stop some annoying problems, T5888: BiDi vulnerability: RIGHT-TO-LEFT OVERRIDE - U 202E in titles / usernames generates a mess, T5885: title normalisation, T11316: Protecting pages in the Arabic Wikipedia - column lock checkbox misaligned in RTL, T5798: The arrow in [[Special:DoubleRedirects]] cannot be changed, T5820: (Firefox bug) Horizontal scrollbar missing on right-to-left (RTL/Hebrew/Arabic), T5819: strip phantom general punctuation characters from page titles, T5802: multiple entries in [[yi:Special:DoubleRedirects]]; links with wrong labels / missing pronunciation characters, T4020: BiDi related issues to ";", ":", "#", and "*", monobook skin etc., T2119: Full-width tabs on the Urdu Wikipedia, T2068: Images do not align left under Mozilla in Hebrew Wiki..., T5696: Unicode Control Characters should be restricted in title text (RLM, LRM, RLO, LRO, . . .), T2033: in RTL pages, images on the left cause text to become jumbled.Feb 22 2019, 1:12 PM