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Synchronize scroll and focus between content and outline panes
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[] Both panes must scroll together. Split off into {TBD}

Current behavior should not be broken: The two scrollable windows should stay in sync.

  • If a parameter is clicked on the left side then it should jump on the right side.
  • If on the right a new field is in focus the sidebar should also scroll to match and highlight the current parameter.
  • When a parameter is removed, keep the parameter "in focus"/selected if it's a named parameter and will remain, otherwise select the next parameter after the removed one (do not jump to top).
  • Clicking on a parameter checkbox label allows the user to jump to this parameter in the main input section on the right, and the cursor is inserted into that parameter's field (current behavior).

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If the parameter is clicked then it should jump on the right side, but if on the right a new field is in focus the sidebar should also scroll to match and highlight the current parameter.

@Lena_WMDE @Sarai-WMDE What should be the correct behaviour if a user is also using the search filter in the left sidebar? In this case when focusing at the right side the respective item on the left might not be visible in the menu list.


Screenshot from 2021-07-26 15-55-33.png (932×930 px, 83 KB)

This is especially relevant because the checkbox is the only place where a parameter can be deactivated.

Possible ways to fix this:

  1. re-introduce the delete parameter button on the right side (does not solve the link problem)
  2. change behaviour of the filter: always display all parameters but hightlight the matching ones (maybe also change order)

I hear this was already discussed, so please feel free to ignore my suggestion:

  • Given that the filter is in use, when a content pane field is focused that is hidden in the sidebar, then the sidebar should scroll to the last visible field to precede the chosen field, and nothing should be highlighted.
  • When the filter is reset, the selected field should be scrolled to and highlighted in the sidebar. This provides access to "delete".

Resolving this ticket based on our story time discussion yesterday. Created ticket for the follow-up work T288202: Parameter search also filters main content area.
Can the last box under requirements above be checked? @lilients_WMDE

I think there were some criteria missing, or I misunderstood the point of this task. New task T289043 was created because the highlight sync is very much not working yet. I'm guessing that my confusion is about "focus" vs. "highlight"...