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"Subtask-Checkbox" should be visible right from the beginning if a datatype wikibase-item is reconstructed
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Steps to Reproduce:

Open this query that illustrates the bug.

Actual Results:

The subclasses checkbox is not visible below the value input and is only visible after clicking the property-input and reselecting the property

Expected Results:

The subclasses checkbox is visible right after opening the link.

Event Timeline

seems to be working for me now with the provided test link.

@Michael So, the subclass checkbox should be visible as the page is loaded ? Am I correct?

No. The second clause in the title of this issue is important: "if a datatype wikibase-item is reconstructed". Only in that case it should be there and only for those conditions that have (or had) a wikibase-item property.

Thanks for the clarification. I misunderstood this .