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Wikidata watchlist not filtering out a bot
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Hi! If I select "hide":"Bots" in my watchlist on Wikidata, I still see the edits of, which appears to have the "bot" flag. It seems to be a bug.

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Whether it's a bug depends on whether the bot includes bot=1 in requests.

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Problem solved: edits weren't marked with "bot=1", now will be (see

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Not a bug, I forgot to add bot=1 flag (even though I knew it 10 years ago). Forgot that flooder flag is opt-out and bot flag is opt-in.

Now I added bot=1 to requests, but a bit strange UX decision, that there is still no b mark in Special:Contributions/Lockalbot or history pages, only in Special:RecentChanges. IIRC, previously bot marks were in history pages too.