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Commons mobile missing "Uploads" in menu
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Let's have a look at Commons' mobile site:

20210215T094307.jpg (417×404 px, 29 KB)

Comparing it to the desktop site's upper right corner,
20210215T094845.jpg (27×265 px, 3 KB)

it is obvious the mobile version simply forgot to put "Uploads" in their menu.
(And not for lack of space in that menu.)
Indeed, Uploads is the defining feature of Commons.
No, I am not talking about "I want to upload a file". That is already on the home page.
I am talking about "I want to see my uploads."
(And no, asking the user to press Contributions is much different.)
Let's compare Wikipedia's mobile menu:

20210215T094414.jpg (426×383 px, 25 KB)

Here they have added Sandbox. Therefore perhaps Commons mobile could add Uploads.

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Stalled on T65459

There is nothing stopping admins from using mw.util.addPortletLink in MediaWiki:Mobile.js to add the menu item in the mean time.