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Review and integrate external banner development work
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Deploy the html banner code delivered by the contractor Mr. Hansch via github.
Planned for week 8 (from 22nd february)



  • integrate banner code
  • look at event logging to see if it works correctly

Acceptance Criteria

  • The forked code is merged into wmde/community-banners.
  • Logging of the events banner-closed, banner-seen and banner-clicked is working.
  • Targeting users whose edit count is below 1000 is working.
  • The login status of a user is determined and passed to the target page by adding
    • wp_user=logged_in or
    • wp_user=anonymous.
  • The number of banner impressions is determined and passed to the target page.

Event Timeline

@kai.nissen Hab im Task den neuen Github Link mit der rebased Version hinzugefügt.

kai.nissen set the point value for this task to 5.

@kai.nissen Argh, postet under the wrong task - again here:

Thanks :)
I contacted the contractor about two things for improving.

So, our contractor made some adjustments.

I asked him for a comment for you – If the 100px to the left will be "too much" in the Central Notice then we can easily change it backt to 50px or so. But I hope 100px is fine :)

Illustration replaced
Banner 100px to the left
comment for funtech: "@FUNTECH" in file wikipedia_actionweek/css/styles.pcss
Button with padding//


there is one last task (i [again] wrote it in the wrong phabricator ticket. sorry for that mess):

The target link in the banner still has to be changed. The landingpage is .
Otherwise I think we are done with the banners and I have a meeting with Goran for tracking on wednesday :)

@AbbanWMDE I uploaded the current status to Central Notice, but the banner doesn't seem to be displayed. Neither when logged out nor with an account that did less than 1000 edits. The banner code is loaded. though. Can you have a look?

@kai.nissen The updated banners should be uploaded now.

@AbbanWMDE Thanks, targeting works now. Two things I noticed:

  • The banner impression count parameter is counting one too few (0 on the first impression). Event Logging receives the correct number, though.
  • Since the target URL is monitored by Matomo, the campaign (piwik_campaign) and keyword (piwik_kwd) parameters should be passed instead of campaign.

It seems, that the banners cause errors (see T276825). The campaign is currently disabled. @AbbanWMDE, can you have a look at it?

@kai.nissen Ah, that was caused by a regression of the Banner.js. Fixed and re-uploaded.

Thank you, @AbbanWMDE! I enabled the campaign again.


I had already written to IT (with you in the CC) that it takes a long time for the landing page to load when you click on the banner and that sometimes a bad gateway error occurs.
Can this possibly be due to the form that you have integrated? Because the birthday page otherwise loads without any problems.

Forget about it - it was the server capacity which caused those problems
I have to say, i prefert it that way :D

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