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Superset Access for Matt Cleinman
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Username: mcleinman
Full name: Matt Cleinman
Public SSH: ssh-rsa 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

I'm a WMF employee.

I am requesting access to the following access groups to view some Superset dashboards.

I've added Shay as subscribers as she is the one trying to share the dashboard with me

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@MattCleinman : Hi, in this case for access to Superset we don't need your SSH key (but in fact you need to be added to analytics-privatedata-users).

This needs approval from the following people. Once those are done on task, I'll add you:

  • Your manager
  • @Ottomata for access to analytics-privatedata-users

Thanks! @Tnegrin is currently my manager. Will make sure he approves this ticket.

Change 665062 had a related patch set uploaded (by Muehlenhoff; owner: Muehlenhoff):
[operations/puppet@production] Add mattcleinman to analytics-privatedata-users

Change 665062 merged by Muehlenhoff:
[operations/puppet@production] Add mattcleinman to analytics-privatedata-users

MoritzMuehlenhoff claimed this task.

@MattCleinman : I've added you to the group, you should be able to access Superset now. I'm closing the task, please reopen if you run into any issues.