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#forminput: creates error when passing values to multiple-form
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In my wiki I used #forminput several times for a longer period to pass values to new pages.


|size= 110
|default value=Datei:Testdatei.pdf
|autocomplete on category= Dokument
|Dokument[gehört zu Beschaffungsvorgang]={{FULLPAGENAMEE}}
|Dokument[Geschäftspartner]={{urlencode:AnyCompany Ltd}}

I cannot say from wich point of time #forminput runs into the following error

Error Message:
       An internal server error occurred. Please try again later.

This flaw has come with some Version after 5.x.

I found that this happens in any case when values are passed to a "multiple" form. In the example "AKS" is a multiple form within Form:Dokument. If I remove the line |AKS[..... from the #forminput tag all is fine.

When adding a "counter" to the string things change from case to case:

If the counter is 0


the error does not occur but no data is transferred to the "multiple" form.

On any other counter the error occurs. like


This was already discussed on the mailing list

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I gave V5.2.1 a chance and could not reproduce this issue. The counter must not be set to [0].

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Since the error message is no longer there, I'm closing this bug. If there are specific issues setting values, that should go in a separate bug report, probably.