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Review and purge deprecated Graphite metrics for CodeMirror
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We've replaced a few metrics but want to compare the old and new metrics for consistency. If there are any interesting artifacts, somehow archive the old metrics. Otherwise, purge them.

  • Media[wW]iki.CodeMirror.preferences.byPreference.*.byEnabled.*.byWiki.*
  • MediaWiki.CodeMirror.sessions.byEditor.*.byEnabled.*.byWiki.*
  • MediaWiki.CodeMirror.toggles.byEditor.*byEnabled.*.byWiki.*

Don't remove any of the metrics with byEditCount in the path.

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hello @awight could you let me know the level of assistance you'd like with this task, or if its just here for information purposes. Thanks!

awight claimed this task.

Done, thanks for the support!