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iOS app users do not receive notifications (both talk and Echo)
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Someone posts a message on your talk page. Or pings you using Echo (eg [[User:whatever]])

Expected results

  1. Some sort of notification is received

Actual results

  1. No notification is given. No push notifications, no in-app notifications, no icon; zilch. No way of knowing they received a message, at all.

Environments observed

App version: 6.7.4
OS versions: iOS 14.4

Also see:

This is a serious issue. There is no way to communicate with iOS app users, as far as I can tell. Various editors are blocked for "Communication is required" when we can't even communicate with them. There is a link to a user's talk page, but it's buried within the settings, and there's no reason you'd look for it if one didn't already know what a talk page was and that they should frequently visit it.