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Upgrade Matomo to latest upstream
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We shouldn't lag too much from upstream, a lot of security fixes are always added and is exposed to the Internet (even if behind CAS).

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Today Razzi and I looked into this. We upgraded to Matomo 3.14.1. However, and Matomo is not maintaining debian packages anymore beyond 3.14.1.

It'd likely be good to upgrade to Matomo 4+, but that will be more work than we are currently able to put towards it. We'll discuss as a team what to do. Resolving this task for now.

I think that we should open a separate task to fork in a separate gerrit repo and try to upgrade to 4.x in the future. Upstream often advertises medium to high security vulnerabilities (we are protected by CAS but it is still a UI in our network exposed to the public etc..) and it is really easy to forget about checking Matomo every now and then (I've done it in the past multiple times :D).

It would be a good Debian exercise for @razzi or anybody else that wants to work on packaging, and I can help in case DE is busy with other projects.