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Disallow use of "(WMDE)" and "-WMDE" username suffixes for Developer accounts
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Prompted by T268946: Offboard Pablo-WMDE from WMF systems.

Proposal of configuration change for wikitech to prohibit users from creating new Developer accounts which end with the strings "(WMDE)" or "-WMDE".

Use of "(WMF)" and "-WMF" as username suffixes has been blocked on wikitech since 2013 and 2015 respectively.

There is no policy at the Wikimedia Foundation to require or even promote the idea of using an employer designation suffix on a Developer account. The SUL account agreement theoretically made some sense during the era of the 'staff' group, but it has never made sense for a Developer account. Developer accounts are in large part about attribution for technical contributions, and that attribution belongs to a human being irregardless of their current or former employers.

I propose that the "WMDE" suffix should be treated similarly and disallowed from use for newly created Developer accounts.

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Having discussed this with WMDE's engineering leadership (@conny-kawohl_WMDE @darthmon_wmde @Tobi_WMDE_SW) it seems that use of "WMDE" in developer account names must have been some misunderstanding which we have inconsistently carried over the years.
As such we do not oppose such change. Please proceed as you see fit.

@bd808 Do you have any preference/plan regarding existing account using the "evil" suffix/prefix (e.g. mine). Would you like to have them renamed?
Asking out of curiosity only.

@bd808 Do you have any preference/plan regarding existing account using the "evil" suffix/prefix (e.g. mine).

I don't see the suffix style as being "evil". I just see it as 1) unnecessary, and 2) a form of othering by creating an artificial distinction of "paid" vs "volunteer" technical contributing accounts.

Would you like to have them renamed?

I do not have a strong opinion on this. I think we are reasonably able to change a Developer account's cn attribute (the user's Wikitech username) without breaking integration with Gerrit, Cloud VPS, etc. I believe we are still in a place where changing the uid attribute (the user's shell account name) is difficult to the point of being functionally impossible.

Apologies for the bad word choice @bd808. And thanks for setting up the blacklist rules!