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Fixes for Simplewiki VIP/AIV configuration
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Per PotsdamLamb in IRC, when automatically reporting vandals to WP:VIP (simplewiki equivalent to WP:AIV), posts are not signed with ~~~~, resulting in the need to manually sign posts later.

Quickly glancing at decent number of recent edits, it does seem to be convention to sign posts to WP:VIP on simplewiki, so this is unlikely to be an intentional omission.

This should be fixed in the project config, by simply adding ~~~~ to the end of the aiv-ip and aiv-user lines. The project config is protected, and must be edited by an administrator.

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I agree with what Phuzion wrote. Thanks for opening this!

I'm not sure if there is a simplewiki equivalent of WP:AN... but this seems like it needs to go there to get simplewiki admin attention.

There is and I can post on there. Thanks! I will close this out when they fix it.

Thanks @Chenzw! @PotsdamLamb, can you verify that this solves your issue before I close this task?

I can verify this is now working as intended. Thank you.