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Clicking a talk page heading takes me to the compose new topic page
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On Talk:Evelyn Mase, clicking any heading below "External links modified" opens the new topic form, instead of opening the existing topic. Observed in stable and beta.


Screenshot_20210220-032839.png (3×1 px, 222 KB)

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Dbrant added a subscriber: Dbrant.

Hrm, looks like a problem with the API:

See how each topic object has an id which increments from 0, 1, 2, etc. But after the fifth topic, the id becomes -1, which is throwing off our logic and makes us believe this topic doesn't exist.

I assume this API is owned by Platform Engineering ? Moving this to their workboard; please feel free to move as necessary.

This comes from Parsoid HTML:

-1 means the section is not currently editable in Parsoid.

All the sections below “GA review” are transcluded from another page. In MobileFrontend these are not listed in the overview:

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Should no longer be an issue in our latest Talk implementation.