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Unable to move pages despite being autoconfirmed on wikis with FlaggedRevs
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I can't move pages with my bot account, WumpusBot, on wikis that have FlaggedRevs enabled.

For instance, my bot account is over 12 months old and has over 50,000 edits on, but when I try to move a random page (i.e. "Višegradska grupa"), which isn't move-protected, I get this error:

wumpusmovepage.png (1×2 px, 197 KB)

I seem to be able to move pages that aren't in the main namespace, as seen here.

Another user, Neptune, the Mystic, actually told me about this when he tried to move a page on and was unable to do so, even though he has over 200 edits, his account is a several years old, he has the 'autoreview' right, and he has moved pages in the past, which leads me to believe this is a new issue.

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Srdjan changed the subtype of this task from "Task" to "Bug Report".

@Srdjan and I did some testing (see -- I can move pages fine both with and without the autoreview flag, so assigned user groups don't seem to be the cause.

Same problem at trwiki. Autoconfirmed users should be able to move pages, but currently members of the Autoconfirmed or Autoreview groups cannot move pages, unless the page is in the User namespace. We merged the Editor user group with the Patroller group, so right now only the members of the Patroller group -- or admins -- can move pages, even though the only relevant right patrollers hold is movefile. The UserGroupRights special page does not indicate any changes to the rights these groups contain, so I am guessing this is a bug of some sort.

I'm going to go ahead and raise the priority to High, because restriction of the right to move articles to a select few -- in our case, only those who seem to have the movefile right -- at a project (or projects) this size is not a minor issue.

Ok, more on this from trwiki. The right move works for Autoconfirmed, but movestable doesn't, even though the User Group Rights special page lists this right as a part of the Autoconfirmed bundle. The fact that the group Patroller can move the stable pages even though the only extra right they have is movefile leads me to think that movestable and movefile now behave as a bundle for some reason. This is merely a speculation of course. Looking forward to the input of the devs.

Copying my comment from the duplicate task:
It seems to only affect articles that have not yet been marked as reviewed. For example, Klaus Schneider could be moved by a user without being in the editor group. I have the slight suspicion that the user right movestable is somehow broken. When opening any unprotected article with my sock XenonX45 I don't see the move button. For testing purposes I granted my sock editor rights for 5 minutes and, oh wonder, the move button appeared.

I can confirm this is an issue in plwiki and plwiktionary. Regarding the latter, I observed that bot accounts are able to move reviewed articles, whereas users with the editor right can't (both have in common the autoconfirmed flag). See wikt:pl:Special:ListGroupRights.