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Create an updated survey of graph backends for WDQS
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As a PM/tech lead for WDQS, I want to know what are the different and best options are for moving WDQS off of Blazegraph, so that I can decide which option to move forward with in scaling up WDQS beyond Blazegraph's current capabilities.

Blazegraph is unmaintained and is reaching/has reached its limits for handling the scale of Wikidata and the volume/complexity of queries to it, causing a number of current problems and making future catastrophic failures probable. It is very likely/desirable that we update to a new backend to continue scaling service. In order to do so we should have a good understanding of what our different options are.

Previous research is captured in this sheet: , but it is outdated. We should re-examine still relevant options as well as new ones along relevant parameters to evaluate good options to replace Blazegraph.


  1. a comparison spreadsheet of different graph backend options (similar to previous research)


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