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Investigate why debian 10.0 image got corrupted
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The original image is:

| 6b67c8a1-6356-464d-a885-0576d7263e51 | debian-10.0-buster (deprecated 2021-02-22)  | deactivated |

The issue is that glance though that the image had no data:

root@cloudvirt1022:~# glance image-download 6b67c8a1-6356-464d-a885-0576d7263e51 --file test.ovf
Image 6b67c8a1-6356-464d-a885-0576d7263e51 has no data.

While rbd did have it full, as that was what was used to re-import it (current image):

| 64351116-a53e-4a62-8866-5f0058d89c2b | debian-10.0-buster                          | active      |