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Text offset when using the JS code editor
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When I modify MediaWiki:Gadget-LinguaImporter.js (for example), there is an offset between the position of the cursor and the real position of the text. In the screenshot below,

Screenshot_20210222_221232.png (734×1 px, 171 KB)

the black arrow show the position where the cursor is while the black arrow shows where the text is written if we type something.
I do not remember it was happening before the new version of Lingua Libre so I guess it is related to the BlueLL skin.

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I saw this on other wikis too without searching why.

Retrying now on Wikipedia, on LinguaLibre and on our WikiValley wikis, it seems the issue is linked to the skin: it works with Vector everywhere (on LinguaLibre since it’s still activated), it has issues on LinguaLibre with the skin BlueLL, and IIRC the issues I had in mind could be on other skins like Chameleon (although it works now).