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Support more complex wikitext formatting/whitespace for templates (Wikivoyage)
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At the Wikivoyages, most articles contain a relatively large number of templates, compared to normal text. There's an ideal wikitext formatting (whitespace) style for these templates. For example, for a place to eat, the template should be arranged like this:

 | name    = | alt = | url = | email = 
 | address = | lat = | long = | directions = 
 | phone   = | tollfree = | fax = 
 | hours   = | price = 
 | lastedit=
 | content = 

At the moment, TemplateData can arrange the template contents to be in one string (e.g., {{citation needed|date=Octember 2020}}) or to put each parameter on a separate line, infobox style, but there is no system that allows contributors to end up with this complex formatting, with some parameters always on one line and some other parameters always on a different line. Please make this possible.