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Not sure if this is a feature or a bug, logging anyway just to be sure. As you can see in the picture below, the layout is pretty unbalanced, but also fixed height (or at least it seems so). In this view this is not particularly visible or problematic, but in the initial screen, where you get to choose interesting categories, the widget called "Editări sugerate" has a scrollbar, since the list of categories is too big.

Since the right column is much longer, I would expect for that widget to expand to show all its content.

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Thank you for reporting it.

You mean on this step, when people select their favorite topics just after creating their account?

The list of options is huge and we keep it narrow for readability purposes. Having it larger would make it harder to read.

Correct, that's the step. I'm no UX specialist, but I believe that having an inner scrollbar AND a lot of wasted space below (the user still needs to scroll to read the right column) is not a good experience.