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Make PET standing meeting invites more descriptive and update their descriptions on wiki
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When talking to Cindy today after one of the PET planning meetings, I mentioned how ice it would be if the invites themselves on the calendar had standard information on them for folks like me who have trouble keeping the various meetings straight:

  • short description of meeting purpose
  • link to agenda or other supporting docs, if they don't already have it
  • if it's about looking at certain phabricator boards, mentioning which ones and which columns
  • if it's about looking at specific phab tasks, mentioning how phab tasks get on the agenda for the meeting
  • in general anything that will help me keep track of which of planning a and planning b and initiatives meetings are doing which :-D

There is apparently a mural board, but this is not a great place for permanent docs I think.
Some of this, I am told, is on But I have also been told that the above info is likely quite outdated.

So this is a proposal to at a minimum have current good info on the calendar invites, but probably also figure out where on wiki it should live and more importantly how we can keep it up to date.

I'm adding Cindy because she was kind enough to talk about it with me, PET managers since they are ultimately responsible (?) for the content of these meetings, and Naike because she is likely to be interested/want to keep track when she is available.