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Data QA for mediawiki_client_session_tick
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Instrumentation data checks on the raw table when we deploy on group 2 wikis

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Completed basic data checks. Notebook uploaded to Github.
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Re-assigning to @mpopov to complete the data QA.
Thanks a ton Mikhail !! :)

Queried Maya's test events from yesterday, posted them in the QA spreadsheet. I color-coded the three different sessions on the "QA Ticks" sheet and noted the issues on the "mediawiki_client_session_tick" sheet.


  • Session A from Chrome (orange) had a lot of missing ticks. Highest one observed was 94 with a lot of ticks leading up to it missing. No 20s at all.
  • Session B from Firefox (blue) had the correct ticks (0, 1, 2)
  • Session C from Firefox (purple) went up to 32, confirming Maya's notes. However, the ticks started at 4. It seems like the instrument continued the session from before but skipped tick 3 (which it's not supposed to do), but what's troubling is that the session/counter did not reset like it was supposed to after more than 1 hour of absence.

Update: Some of the missing events and weirdness may have been from Maya accidentally opening other wikis during the test period. According to @Mholloway the session tick instrument is cross-wiki, so if she had any sessions open on other wikis and those tabs visible, then those events would have been sent from those non-test wikis and would not have been tagged as QA. We are unable to check with Maya whether that was the case and decided to do a complete re-test.

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Performed a complete re-test of the instrument. Notebook uploaded to GitHub.

All checks passed!

Re-assigning to @kzimmerman for sign-off.

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