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Cursor does not appear in Reply Tool's source mode
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  1. Ensure the Reply Tool is enabled on the wiki you are using
  2. Visit a talk page in Firefox 52.9.0 on a machine running Windows Vista
  3. Click a [ reply ] link
  4. Enter the Reply Tool's source mode (if you're not already there)


  1. ❗️Cursor is NOT visible


  1. ✅ Cursor is visible


  • "Expected" behavior is implemented

via by @JohnFromPinckney at here:

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MediaWiki’s modern support for Firefox 52 ended years ago—according to mw:Compatibility#Browser support matrix, only latest and previous version of FF is supported, which is currently 86.0 and 85.0. Of course if there’s an actual bug in DT, it should be fixed, but otherwise MW doesn’t guarantee that fancy features like anything JavaScript-based will work.

In case anybody ever looks at this again: I often have trouble getting a visible cursor while/after things (like JS) are loading; it is certainly not Reply tool-specific. I now know I can switch to any other tab or window, and when I return, my cursor is visible. As far as I'm concerned, this ticket can be closed. It's my own fault (sort of) for being stuck using an old computer/OS/browser constellation which is no longer supported. Thanks.