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Template:Notelist-ua efn-ua uses numeric labels instead of uppercase letters in Simple English and Scots wikipedia
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Related to T118062.

In and
Create a citation with {{efn-ua}} suchas {{efn-ua|Message}} and reference in the notes with {{notelist-ua}}

The notelist will be correct using the letter A but for and the reference in the body will say [upper-alpha 1] instead of [A]

This syntax works correctly in In the English wikipedia where the notelist has A and the citation shows [A]

Example pages include

I've duplicated this on Windows 10 using Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. I've also duplicated it on my iPhone SE iOS 14.4 in Safari

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Assuming your template/module implementation matches, those wikis are likely missing the relevant CSS in MediaWiki:Common.css, which is

div.reflist ol.references {
	list-style-type: inherit;  /* Enable custom list style types */

That should prefer to be in TemplateStyles probably, but that's up to you.

While there are more general tasks such as T196942: Support for a counter-style parameter in the references tag for similar fixes directly in Cite, the above CSS should solve the issue locally.