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Add e-mail capability to the AbuseFilter extension
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Writing at Philippe's request in the hope that someone at the Hack-a-ton this weekend can work on it.

Because of the severity of threats of harm we want to try and create a way for staff members to be notified when one could require action. To do this we would like to create a script (perhaps on cron) to help. It would want to:

  • Search specific pages (At first English Wikipedia's Administrator Noticeboard (Wikipedia:Administrators'_noticeboard) and the Incidents subpage (Wikipedia:Administrators'_noticeboard/Incidents)
  • Fetch the current copy of the page and look for specific phrases or words (example: 'bomb threat', 'suicide', 'threat of harm')
  • When a flagged word or phrase is found email specified people telling them

a. That a flagged word had been found
b. The word that was found (and if possible the name of the section where it was found)
c. A link to the page (and if possible the section) where the word was found.

  • Not trigger another email if it sees the same phrase, in the same location, within the next x hours (2?)
  • Repeat the search every 5 minutes

Obviously an interface wouldn't really be necessary (or a good use of time) but making it relatively easy for someone with the access to change would be great as well.

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Surely some extension (or similar) to AbuseFilter would be best, so on addition this gets caught?

(In reply to comment #1)

Surely some extension (or similar) to AbuseFilter would be best, so on addition
this gets caught?

Can the AF do e-mail notifications? If not, that could be a useful feature and would solve this problem.

I don't think so, but that is what I was suggesting :)

It might be possible to add an "email" action.

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