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Bot edits being tagged as manual undo operation
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Edits like this are being tagged as "undo" but they are made intentionally to update a particular page on a regular basis.

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Aklapper changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Feb 27 2021, 7:50 PM
Aklapper removed a project: MediaWiki-General.

(Etiket: Elle geri alma = Tag: Manual revert)

@Superyetkin: Please provide more information how exactly these edits are made. If Khutuck had clicked "undo" on then that's what I'd expect to happen, so I do not see why you think that there is a bug here. In the future, please follow the scheme on when creating tickets here. Thanks.

Superyetkin triaged this task as Medium priority.

I can see that edits resulting in content that is the same as an older version are being tagged this way, as you can see here. These edits were made by not using the undo button on the history page.

The edits are not flagged as undo edits. You can see that, when filtering for undos:

And yes, they are marked as manual revert, but that basicly just means that the page now looks like it did before.

If you think that there is a wrong software behavior, then please follow and provide 1) clear steps to reproduce, step by step, 2) what you expect to happen, 3) what happens instead; all in separate sections. This helps avoiding misunderstanding. Thanks.