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Lingua Libre Bot to add the speaker's level on Wiktionaries
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An important information about speakers is their level of proficiency in the language their record in.
Currently on Wiktionaries entries in the Pronunciation section, we only display the speaker's place of residence next to their recording.
I think it might be valuable to display their level of proficiency (native, good level, average level, beginner). It is possible since every speaker has to indicate their level before recording.

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Hi @WikiLucas00, let us start to implement that on the French Wiktionary. Could you propose something to de displayed within the "écouter" template?

Hi @Pamputt, I agree and will start to work on this within the coming days. What about a 1 to 5 score as a parameter (similar to Babel, with also a N for native speakers)?

Hi would prefer something in full letter. Currently, we have a code something like

* {{écouter|lang=pl|Pologne (Varsovie)||audio=LL-Q809 (pol)-Olaf-suflet.wav}}

So either we adapt the template to handle the speaker's level as a new parameter or we can free text, such as

* {{écouter|lang=pl|Pologne (Varsovie)||audio=LL-Q809 (pol)-Olaf-suflet.wav}} (locuteur natif)

@Pamputt I think that a parameter of the template would be ideal for a specific Wiktionary (you are able to change the style of the text by editing the template, and not all the thousands of pages), but using free text will be easier, especially when working with many Wiktionaries (we don't need to change/adapt their own audio-player template everytime). LLBot could add the speaker's level based on the labels of the elements, what do you think about it?
IMO we don't need to specify when the user a native speaker.
I suggest to put the info before the template, so it appears on the same line, e.g.

* {{écouter|lang=pl|Pologne (Varsovie)||audio=LL-Q809 (pol)-Olaf-suflet.wav}}
* (apprenant, niveau débutant) {{écouter|lang=pl|France (Paris)||audio=LL-Q809 (pol)-XYZ-suflet.wav}}
* (apprenant, bon niveau) {{écouter|lang=pl|Belgique (Bruxelles)||audio=LL-Q809 (pol)-EXAMPLE-suflet.wav}}

Agreeds with all what you propose. Do you want to start a discussion on the French Wiktionary to ask to add such parameters in the écouter template? LLbot should be able to add this information for each Wiktionary that is interested in; I do not see any issue about that.

@Pamputt Should I start a discussion in the Wikidémie, or a Prise de décision (or both)?
I coded the new parameter in a draft page here but I'm not sure it would work, could you check please?

I think the Wikidémie is good. If there are a lot of discussions, we will start a Prise de décision, but I think we can avoid it.

Bon, bah je me suis lancé. J'ai ouvert une discussion sur la Wikidémie

I also started a discussion between the place and the country in the "écouter" template, example: Paris (France). So, there would be consequences from LiLi. @Pamputt

Fr-Wiktionary's audio template now supports the level of proficiency of the speaker. See here.

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Dans T276013#7261602, @Eihel a écrit :

I also started a discussion between the place and the country in the "écouter" template, example: Paris (France). So, there would be consequences from LiLi. @Pamputt

@Eihel, could you open a new Phabircator ticket not to forget this request?

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