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MediaWiki:Fundraiserstats-tab-ytd should not contain (USD)
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Like some other messages,MediaWiki:Fundraiserstats-tab-ytd
contains a label likely put in front of a numeric figure.

It also contains the string (USD) at its end, telling us
what the figure measures. This is very unfriendly towards
internationalizations and translation effords. Depending
on language, and (sometimes) script, you want to have eihter
of these:

1234 USD total so far of this year
USD 1234 total so far of this year
Total so far of this year: 1234 USD
Total so far of this year (USD): 1234
USD Total so far of this year: 1234

and possibly more which I'm not aware of.

I have no better idea than embedding the figure in the message,

If such text snippets are being used in a tabular layout,
this is not as easy. It needs to be documented in the /qqq
pseudo language so as to inform translators how to treat the
snippets, and still, depending on language, the "(USD)" must
be optional in a label text, and must be available to be put
before or after the numeric figure. Thus, for a table, we need
three messages: label-before, columns-with-figure, label-behind
even though either label is most often empty in a language.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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pgehres wrote:

This extension is no longer in use by the fundraising team.

(In reply to comment #2)

This extension is no longer in use by the fundraising team.

Years later, it's clear that this page is not coming back; closing.
Moreover, IIRC the label was not in a table but in the legend of the graph or something.