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Setup a test-system for backported build
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  • Verification that Federated Properties 1.35 works as intended for users should be able to be done in some kind of test system.

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maybe re-use this?

currently seems filled with trash from docker and is not working.

It is currently deployed from build 642502716 using this repo

last commit does not contain the release notes but all the backporting is in there.

executed like this


using my personal dockerhub images


for testing failed requests for fedprops X-FedProps-SourceApiResponse headers set to 404 should work

wikibase ->
queryservice ui ->
quickstatements ->

Ok so this wb-docker thing has now been moved into a proposed PR ->

Ok yay!


All the backports are in the new images are published to my wmde dockerhub account.

bundled fedprops version (only wikibase):

The full suite
wikibase ->
queryservice ui ->
quickstatements ->

Is there any engineering peer review work left here?

Query service, was non being updated and the updater was in crash backoff loop. I repaired by removing the volume and restarting. Seems to be working now

I'm struggling to alter labels with QS (creating new items with a label is working fine.

I get an error in the QS UI. Obviously I now need to dig into the logs and figure out why

Another thing we probably want to change is the WIKIBASE_HOST

Looks like this task has made it to a successful conclusion, thanks!