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Watchlist Expiry: Clock icon is missing in Legend on Recent Changes
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Wiki RC Legend 20210302.jpg (648×1 px, 177 KB)

Steps to Reproduce:
Goto a Wiki of your choice. On preferences select "Recent changes". In "Advanced options" enable "Use non-JavaScript interface". Goto "Recent Changes"-Page and see the clock icon is not displayed.


Actual Results:
The clock icon in the Legend is not displayed.

Expected Results:
The clock icon in the Legend is displayed.

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@Formatierer Hmm, that's odd, I see the legend when I test (see screenshot example below). I tested with both Firefox and Brave browsers and was able to see the legend icon. Can you provide more details? What browser and operating system are you using? Thanks!

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 1.34.44 PM.png (521×920 px, 134 KB)

I can confirm this happens when you have the "Use non-JavaScript interface" preference checked

@ifried You are using the JavaScript version of recent changes. I said the symbol is not shown if you select "Use non-JavaScript interface" in your preferences. I am using Firefox 86.0 (64-Bit) on Windows 10. I wonder why this is implemented using this oo-ui-something and not just the Unicode Character 231A (⌚ watch) which should work out of the box.