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[Documentation] How to retrieve and edit Lexemes from the API
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Summary: Have a clear description on how to use the API to retrieve information about Lexemes, edit any part of Lexemes and create new ones. Provide clear guidance and examples. Identify and highlight the parts that may be missing or will be fixed soon (eg editing statements on Senses)

Existing resources: none?

This would be useful to: Tool builders who would like to build tools to edit Lexemes more efficiently. On the long run, thanks to these tools, more data will be added with a better quality, being useful for more people.

Subject matter experts (people who could help with providing content): Leszek

Event Timeline

Proposed outline:

  • Overview with links
  • Prerequisites
    • Knowledge
    • API
      • Credentials (and how to get them w/links)
      • Software/libraries
  • Interacting with the API
    • Relevant differences specific to lexeme queries
    • Examples

@WMDE-leszek I'm going to reach out to you today about conducting a subject-matter expert interview about this topic in the coming days.

First of two SME interviews happened today!