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"Search Clicking on a watchstar toggles the watchstar" selenium test failing
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The last several builds for this test have failed. Watching the video shows that the entered search input query "Selenium search tes" is not displaying any results:

16:48:54 [0-6] Error in "Search Clicking on a watchstar toggles the watchstar"
16:48:54 element (".watch-this-article") still not existing after 10000ms

Developer Notes

I think this is related to search on beta recently (end of Feb 26) only showing exact title matches and no longer showing fuzzy matches (notice the test enters in the query "Selenium search tes" instead of the exact match "Selenium search test". I'm not sure what caused beta search to stop showing fuzzy matches, but search performance metrics were also affected and stopped collecting metrics on the same day as when this test started failing [2]

Therefore, either beta search needs to allow fuzzy searching again, or we need to change this test to enter in an exact match ("Selenium search test")


Acceptance Criteria

  • Test passes

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Being bold. I re-ran the tests and it passes. I've also confirmed that fuzzy matches are being returned on the Beta Cluster: