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Create a #WMIT-LimeSurvey Tag
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Hi Project-Admins!

We would like to coordinate and document the work over the WMI-LimeSurvey project. More info:

That project is now hosted in the WMIT-Infrastructure but it deserves a dedicated Tag, also because some dear users would like it, like me and @Psychoslave:

This project will be mainly used as a Tag, to use its Workboard and coordinate Tasks and allow the community to monitor progresses and provide feedback etc. you know.

Here further details:

  • Project Name: WMIT-LimeSurvey
  • Additinal Hashtags:
  • Visible to: Everybody
  • Editable by: Everybody
  • Joinable by: Everybody
  • Description:
This is the home for Tasks related to [WMIT-LimeSurvey](
Now hosted in the #wmit-infrastructure! Go LimeSurvey! Go!

Thank you so much!

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