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The edit created by the "Ask a question"-feature turns up as unpatrolled, despite the asking user being autopatrolled.
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Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Use an account with the "autopatrol"-flag (in this case Nico @ da-wp).
  2. Use the help panel "Ask a question feature" (in this case this question).

Actual Results:

Expected Results:

  • The edit made by the "Ask a question"-feature should automatically be marked as patrolled, due to the user having the "autopatrol"-flag.

I am unaware of any documentation stating that this is intentional, and am therefore reporting it as a bug.

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Thank you for reporting this, @InsaneHacker. I understand the issue. Since this is not causing a major negative impact, I'm going to reserve this for a period about a month from now when the Growth team is working on maintenance.