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Mediawiki Emails and Special:ChangeEmail are disabled
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Hello, when I go to Notifications section of my preferences, I see a red link where it is written "Set an email address", When I click on it, I go to It is a page on which one reads

No such special page

You have requested an invalid special page.

A list of valid special pages can be found at Special pages.

Return to Special:Preferences.

We have two choices.

Either it is not possible to receive email for notifications. If so , we should disable this section of the preferences so that no user arrive on a page that does not exist

Or, we need to fix the website so that Special:ChangeEmail does not point to a non-valid page.

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It's not a but. Emails are willfully disabled. We also don't have the "Email this user" link, because our account details are on Commons I assume.

User email disabled
You cannot send email to other users on this wiki

I think this should goes with an higher integration with the Wikimedia galaxy, together with getting and sending back red-circle notifications.

Screenshot_2021-03-07_20-42-31.png (370×565 px, 30 KB)

In my opinion, we should keep it this way, hide the relevant sections and add an "email this user" link via JS which actually leads to :Commons:Special:EmailUser/{username}. Various ways to do so. The other way around would have CNIL implications, which are now handled by

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