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Allow importing from frwiki on arzwiki
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Author: gaghaly

Would you mind helping me with something on arzwikipedia
Would you mind adding French wikipedia to the projects that files can be imported from to arz wikipedia
would this be possible?

Many thanks

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Severity: enhancement



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jeluf wrote:

Your change has been completed.
Please reopen this ticket if anything went wrong.

The following configuration settings have been changed:

Index: InitialiseSettings.php

  • InitialiseSettings.php (revision 1266)

+++ InitialiseSettings.php (working copy)
@@ -6432,7 +6432,7 @@

'arbcom_enwiki' => array( 'meta', 'w' ),
'arwikibooks' => array('w'),
'arwikisource' => array('w'),
  • 'arzwiki' => array('incubator', 'en', 'ar', 'es', ),

+ 'arzwiki' => array('incubator', 'en', 'ar', 'es', 'fr', ),

'betawikiversity' => array( 'meta', 'b', 'en', 'incubator' ),
'brwikimedia' => array( 'pt', 'meta', 'pt:w', 'pt:wikt', 'pt:s', 'pt:n', 'pt:q', 'pt:b', 'pt:v', 'commons' ),
'bnwikisource' => array( 'OldWikisource', 'w' ),

You can find the entire config file at