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Endowment import specific request for finance reconciliation
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Finance have recently required more detailed documentation for the Endowment Gifts processed offline that need to be transferred to Tides. And these gifts tend to be the Endowment and QCD/IRA checks processed by Engage. For which we need evidence to show that these gifts are intended for the Endowment. This requires a lot of manually sifting through check scans and supporting documentation. It would be super helpful and reduce a lot of manual labor if we could indicate on the Endowment Import which gifts are Endowment Specified i.e. the check clearly states this is for the Endowment or Check made out to Tides.

The Endowment Team meet yesterday and we discussed the possibility of adding a check box type field to the import called Endowment Specified - with yes/no as the options Engage would enter. We wanted to know if this was the best way for us to do this or is there already a redundant field in Civi that would work for this purpose? Finance have given us a deadline of end of March to figure out a way for us to do this.

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@DStrine we're going to go with adding two new gift sources in Civi - Retirement Gift - Endowment Specified and Realized PG Gift - Endowment Specified - these will ensure that those gifts where the Endowment is mentioned on the check/supporting documentation will have this gift source. I will add these .

@Eileenmcnaughton I added the fields but they aren't showing in the drop down option when I search under Gift Source in Civi.

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 11.30.30 AM.png (294×1 px, 44 KB)

@RLewis I think that was a caching problem - seems to have worked itself out...

@Eileenmcnaughton thanks I can see the fields on my end now too.

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@RLewis do we need to do anything more on this one?

@Eileenmcnaughton no we're good with the new Gift Source fields I added in. Thanks.