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Analyze source mode with tools adoption
Closed, DeclinedPublic


This task is about analyzing how people are using DiscussionTools' source mode with tools while deployed as an opt-in setting.

Specifically, we are curious to know the answer to the following questions:

  1. Are people finding the tool behaves in the ways they expect?
  2. Are people finding the tool to be disruptive?

To help answers the questions above, we would like to understand the ===Metrics listed below.

Decision to be made

This analysis will help us decide whether the source mode with tools should be made available as an opt-out setting.




  • Metrics are defined
  • Anaysis is completed that delivers the Metrics specified above

Event Timeline

As @MNeisler and I discussed on 21 July 2021, we are going to decline this task considering:

  • The anecdotal feedback people who have used the new tools within source mode has been positive
  • We do not think this analysis is going to alter the plans we've made to offer these new tools to all users, by default (T276609)